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TechWearUSA produces the worlds finest custom Ink Dye Sublimation polo and T-shirts, using the highest tech fabrics available. In this process the fabric's performance is never affected because the ink becomes one with the fabric on the molecular level.

TechWearUSA shirts are light, breathable, and moisture wicking - more a piece of equipment than just a shirt. Your shirt will drip dry in a few hours, provide twice the life of a regular cotton shirt, and the colors remain crisp and vibrant.

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Techwell Fitting Into The Box Photo Essay

Terms and Conditions

TechwearUSA is receiving alot of attention these days in the press! Our products continue to evolve and we continue to increase customer base throughout the sports industries.

We are showcasing some of the press coverage here on the site through Magazines, TV and other media outlets.

Thank you for your support and we are committed to bringing the best products to our loyal customers.

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Techwear USA strives to bring our customers the best products. Techwear now carries TacLatch products for viewing and purchase.

This is a great product for speeding up your times with your AR and increasing your scores!

Check out the gallery and make your purchases right here at the Techwear site!



TechWearUSA will assist you in creating your custom designed shirt. Give us your artwork, corporate or sponsor logos, individual names; if you can imagine it, we can make it.

We are a custom shirt company, and our mission is to offer the finest quality product to individuals and organizations. We have the lowest price points and the fastest turn around time in the busines for Custom Orders! At Techwear USA we commited to supporting the shooting sports!

TechwellUSA Magwell/Grip System for the 1911

Easy installation in 60 seconds! No gunsmithing or frame modifications necessary. Fits into both the IDPA and USPSA Single box.

Techwell Products

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TacLatch Products are here!

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"The Techwell System was featured by John Scoutten's "Sighting In" on the Outdoor Channel 9pm (eastern time) on October 15th"

The Techwell System was featured recently by John Scoutten on the Outdoor Channel this week! This marks another great news feature that the Techwell is receiving! USPSA's Front Site Magazine and Guns and Ammo have all featured this inovative System in their Magazines!! The Photos and Article's are coming to the site this week!!
Shooting USA! Website:

All four Techwell systems were designed to fit into the USPSA and IDPA "Box", however, due to fluctuations in frame manufacture, and sight height, it may be necessary to remove a small amount of material from the bottom front of the Techwell XT, and more certainly, the bottom front of your extended base pad.

If you have never fit your gun to "The Box" I would bring a file along just in case, and, for your own sake, please make sure that your gun fits into the box with empty magazine inserted, BEFORE YOU BEGIN SHOOTING.

According to John Amidon, the USPSA V.P. and Director/NROI, there is no reason why you shouldn't be permitted to make sure your gun fits into the official box prior to shooting.

Not all matches will have a box or a scale, so the best idea is to find the match Range Master as soon as possible, and let him direct you. While you're at it, you may as well weigh your gun, which for USPSA Single Stack and IDPA ESP, must weigh no more than 43oz. with empty magazine inserted, and for IPDA CDP, no more than 41oz. with empty magazine inserted.


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