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Techwell Interactive

Click here to watch Techwell Installation (YouTube movie)
Click here to watch Techwell Tuning (YouTube movie)
Click here to view the Techwell Gallery.
Click Here to view the fitting into the box information

Our Grips Are Specially Slotted to Accept the Techwell, And Are Required For Installation.

TechwellUSA logo
Patent Pending

Since all Techwell System magwell models are interchangeable with the grips, we sell them both individually.
  • Any Techwell magwell model: $85
  • Any Techwell Slotted Alumagrip or Mil-Tac Grips: $75
  • Techwell Slotted Ergo Grips Warrior: $26

Custom Colors Available:

The custom colors below are available on all Techwell Models and AlumaGrips by special order, with 30 day delivery. There is no "up" charge on the items themselves, however there is a $10 per order fee for the special trip to the anodizer.


Custom colors are available by phone or email only. For more information please contact Sue at sue@techwearusa.com or call us at 631-244-4513.

**Fitting Into The Box Notes:
All four TechWell systems were designed to fit into the USPSA and IDPA "Box", however, due to fluctuations in frame manufacture and sight height, it may be necessary to remove a small amount of material from the bottom front of your extended base pad.

Grips Slotted for the Techwell System:

Alummgrips and Mil-Tach grips $75 - Ergo Grips Warrior Model - Black $26
Grip screws not included. Images shown here are stock colors available for immediate delivery. See some great photos of our custom colors - Click Here

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